Are you legitimate?
Yes indeed we are legit website offering our customers to buy rs gold! We are in this trade for many years and have thousands of satisfied customers. Check out our feedbacks page and see for yourself.


Do I need to provide identification?
Yes. We will ask for any government issued document to verify your identity. This is for security purposes, this way we can make sure that you are the real owner of the account which you are paying from and this is not a stolen account or card. You have to make sure that the ID matches the data on your means of payment.


How long it takes to get my gold ?
We deliver your GP's within several minutes after the payment was made.


What are my payment options?
You make a purchase with credit\debit card, PayPall, Skrill, Bitcoins, Wire transfer from your bank account and even we offer to pay by using Westen Union.


Any chances to be banned ?
Until now, it never happened that a customer was banned because of buying gold coins from us. There is always a slight possibility of getting banned when buying gold, since we can not be responsible for Jagex actions and decisions but so far it never happened.


From where do you get gold from? 

We buy our osrs gold and rs3 gold  from players like you, from people who invested their time and money in the game. We don’t produce any gold, our role is to be the linking chain between buyers and sellers


Do you have a refund policy ?
Once the transaction is completed, the sell is final and no refund will be issued on any completed transactions.


Do you have a fraud protection guarantee ?
We reserve ourselves the rights to use customer information in cases o fraudulent claims. Wherever we see it fit, we also reserve the right to take any necessary legal action, when such is needed. Do not use proxy/VPN during transaction or order will be canceled. We have a right to cancel order if it seems to be fraudulent for us.